The Common Cliché (or a Plea for Passion)

Allow me to introduce myself:

I’m not a writer. I’m not a blogger. I’m not really any of the things I claim to be or do. In fact, I feel like I’m similar to an alien pretending to fit into my human casing more often than not. A feverous case of imposter syndrome, fused together maliciously by constant existential dread: The ultimate cliché, if you would. Then again, some might say life is a cliché in itself.

We gush over success, drive, and determination – often scrambling to reflect what we see in the comparative and sometimes demoralizing world of social media.

We push ourselves to progress forward and paint a picture of the perfect life. But that’s also what we often miss in the ascent to create our personal masterpieces: life is not perfect. And it was never supposed to be.

There’s almost a twisted beauty to that, if you really think on it.

When an artist creates, people often only see the finished product. What they don’t see is the endless effort and stress to perfection put in place by the creator. Sure, they look at a rushing river of oils draped tastefully upon a canvass; but they don’t notice the minuscule imperfections that the artist still sees even as he displays it. Didn’t you know? It’s all an act that everybody is in on, but nobody wants to admit.

Life presents itself in such a way.

The triumphs, the tragedies. Our ups, downs, and all-arounds. Striving for greatness, while sprinting from struggle. We pick and choose which parts of our hearts and souls escape to our endless and wandering minds to the world shared by everybody else. These tiny nuances of our daily situations subsequently collect themselves, and form into a mural of lessons and experiences. Though we try and fail – we carry on. Clinging for the next break or bittersweet relief; trying to touch what seems just so barely out of reach.

This is the pursuit. Our passion. The reason we live out this candid cliché.

The world is obscure, and our purposes different. Somewhere between our inception in this reality, and our inevitable departure from this planet – we’ve probably all reached a similar conclusion: life is weird. You are undoubtedly correct.

To that I say: embrace yourself. Embrace the passion, and embrace the weirdness. Share the burdens, struggles, and strife. Welcome the change, the unknown, and the unpredictable. Find joy and meaning in the otherwise inconsequential things.

Not only will you learn more about yourself, you may also inspire others in the pursuit of living.

I look forward to sharing this experience with you all.

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